Get Ink Without Going Broke

Tattoo-inspired gear that gives you the ink drip without hitting your wallet

Tattoos got you feeling more broke than woke? Before you start begging strangers on the street for spare change to fund your next ink sesh, hold your horses and hear us out. Horishi's got you covered with their lit lineup of tattoo-vibed merch that won't leave your bank account weeping.

These ain't no wack knock-off designs - Horishi partners with legit tatt artists worldwide so you can rep original artwork without dropping stacks. We're talking sick shirts, dope mugs, fly bags and more - all featuring unique designs to make you look and feel tatted and tasteful for a fraction of the cost.

So maybe you've got more tattoo ideas than dollars or need some ink-spired swag 'til your next sesh. Perhaps you dig the art but not the commitment. Or you just want the world to think you're a little more hardcore than your professional poodle groomer career suggests. Whatever your reason, Horishi's got your back and your bank account's. Cop some fine-ass gear and get that tattoo drip without the buyer's remorse. Stay fresh, stay frictionless. Horishi out.