Looking Rad While Being Green

Satisfying your ink craving without harming the planet

Horishi is tattooing the planet one mug at a time. Unlike other shops stockpiling mounds of merch in warehouses, Horishi keeps it clean with print-on-demand. When you order an Horishi original tattoo tee, it’s not dug out of some dark dusty shelves. Nope, it’s freshly printed just for you!

See, Horishi cares about our poor polluted planet. While other companies crank out piles of useless junk, Horishi only prints what you need. It’s like a Zen tattoo for Mother Earth - no excess ink!

So next time you’re craving for a bag with a badass tat design, think twice before stocking up. Do like Horishi does - keep it minimal with print-on-demand. Your purchase will come out looking sharp, and you won’t leave a mess behind.

Pretty crafty of Horishi to corner the market on eco-friendly tattoo gear. Printing one product at a time leaves less of a carbon footprint than those fast fashion monsters. Horishi proves you can still look rad while being green.

So if you want to rock sweet tattoo swag AND save the planet, Horishi’s is your best bet. Their minimal production emits minimum emissions. Now that’s something to make your inner hippie AND rebel happy!